Pure relaxation. KERROCK IN BATHROOMI.

Pure relaxation.

Bathroom. No longer limited to just a place of personal hygiene. Bathroom has become art. Functional art. And Kerrock the artist with experience.

Stand out with every single detail.

Functionality, robustness, ease to clean, sublime style and multiple design options are more than a good reason to choose a washbasin or a sink made from Kerrock.

Modern in colours and structure.

Our general well-being is significantly affected by the surrounding materials. This is why these should be pleasant to the touch, health-friendly and, in particular, colour-coordinated with the surroundings.

Ease of care

It is for its simple cleaning and maintenance that Kerrock has become so popular; the stains can be removed by simply using water and ordinary cleaning agents.
For a silky shine and freshness of colours we recommend cleaning by using fine abrasives.

Thought over. To the last detail.

Kerrock is designed to allow easy cleaning. Infinite freshness and brilliance for your Kerrock product.

Antibacterial and health-friendly.

In addition to the original Kerrock you can opt for an innovative material called Kerrock plus, featuring an antibacterial substance fully integrated in its overall structure. As soon as the bacteria touch the surface, they are eradicated and their further development is prevented.

Pleasure of the touch

Look of stone, pleasant and warm to the touch. Attractive and inviting surface structure.
Touch it; feel how nice it is.

Pure relaxation.

Imagine a freely breathing and freshness-radiating space. Inspired by nature and imagination, it makes through its bold design solutions the space come to life and become pleasant to stay. Bathroom. Kerrock.

The endless possibilities of shapes and structures. KERROCK.

134 Alya

Interior dimensions

Length: 290 mm
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 175 mm
ø: 90 mm


This washbasin is available in unicolour 100, 108, 503, 901.