Space which calls for good business. KERROCK BUSINESS PREMISES.

Some are telling us how they stand out.

You will show this!
We know from the business world that a good first impression separates the winner from the loser.
This is why each of our hotels is dealt uniquely and with serious thought.

First impression.

Business premises that affect your customers. Their impression is shaped by their first contact with your company.
Bold forms, compelling colours and warmth of touch. Your message is telling how very progressive and enterprising you are.


Next to a good offer it is the ambient where the business is done that counts. Ambient seducing your customers.

Shine in your creativity!

Kerrock Lumino – ambient lighting - a magic show of patterns, colours and light affecting mind, emotions and perception of the world.
Altering your mood for the better. We have created colour hues of higher translucency, opening new dimensions of design.

Their splendour only gets fully displayed when drenched with light. Then a play of light, shadows and patterns incurs, only limited with
capacities of your imagination.