Pure elegance. HOTEL BATHROOM.

Hotel bathroom

Morning awakening or an evening pampering. Coexistence of two worlds in one form.


Space of intimacy through which your guests will be connected with the greatest jewel of nature. Through sophisticated forms water flows to the user to relax his/her body and soul.

Equipment for hotel bathrooms.

Eternal elegance. Warmth. Express all respect to your guests!

Kerrock’s beauty lies in its UNIQUENESS.

Love at first sight.

Love at first sight. And touch. With its composition Kerrock continues this impression. Although its look reminds of stone, it feels nice and warm to touch.

Climatic and heat resistance

Solid and remarkably homogenous this material expresses stability, robustness and prevents cracking. It is resistant to hot objects and flame-retardant. Insensitive to external and internal climatic conditions.
Perfectly non-porous, so absolute water and moisture resistant.

Pleasure of the touch

Look of stone, pleasant and warm to the touch. Attractive and inviting surface structure.

Touch it; feel how nice it is.