Welcome, what can I do for you? RESTAURANT. CAFÉ.

Hospitality and Kerrock.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just socialising. Ambience created by Kerrock allows an excellent contact with your client. Simple to maintain and providing pride when you make part of it. Spilled drink
stains of food or cleaners. There is nothing to harm it.

Perfection to the last detail

Reception spaces made from Kerrock make an impression seducing the guest. From his/her first visit till his/herre-arrival.

Kerrock Lumino

Kerrock lumino - play of colors warmly hugging your customers ... and never letting them indifferent.

Hello, what can we do for you?

Arrangement that provides excellent contact with the client, easy maintenance and pride when you’re part of it. Spilled drink, stains of food or cleaners. There is nothing to harm it. Always new.

Shine in your creativity!

We have created colour hues of higher translucency, opening new dimensions of design. Their splendour only gets fully displayed when drenched with light. Then a play of light, shadows and patterns incurs, only limited with
capacities of your imagination.

It can also be used for ambient lighting, sensual and aesthetic lamps or furniture decoration...

Perfection in detail.

Kerrock stands for superior finishing and breath-taking products.